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5 Step Process

Step 1 Discovery
We gather the essential facts that enable us to build a plan. We examine tax returns, retirement plans, financial statements, life insurance policies, trust documents and other important documents.

Step 2
During an in depth meeting we review client information, clarify goals and develop an understanding of what is important.

Step 3
We develop an interactive solution. Our plans are visual and collaborative. We present them in an easy to understand format. You don’t have to be a financial expert to understand our plan.

Step 4
We lay out the frame work and implement the plan. We take care of making all the necessary changes that are in-line with your goals. This includes the administrative tasks of preparing
paperwork, moving accounts and adjusting investments..

Step 5
Regular Contact & Review
We use a deliberate and scheduled process to keep you informed and make sure your plan stays aligned with your goals.